This option is for you if:
You’ve gained extra weight and you want to shed it
You’re afraid that even if burn current fat your body will build up new fat tissues
You feel like your energy level isn’t high enough to absorb all calories incoming
You need to deal with your bad eating habits, no more eating during a night, munching snacks in front of the TV
Looking at all these steps on your way a fit and healthy body, you might think that you’ll need a strong willpower and a lot of time to hit your goal. By yourself, this is true, but with PhenQ, you can accomplish all of these much easier than you ever thought possible, which has already helped more than 190,000 people in just the past few years.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a potent weight loss pill which was designed to address almost every element of weight loss. It starts with breaking down fat cells – the most important part of losing weight, then it increases your metabolic rate so all new food will be absorbed more efficiently. PhenQ complex formula also blocks your body from building new fat tissue, suppresses your appetite. You won’t feel hungry as often as you probably do now, and it will also improve your mood, which is certainly a big help in this process.

How does PhenQ achieve that?

PhenQ consists of several ingredients, which attack fat from many different ways. Each ingredient targets a particular aspect of weight loss, and all together, they create a unique synergy which makes taking PhenQ more powerful than taking the ingredients separately.

  • ‘α-Lacys Reset’ tests have shown the positive effect of ‘α-Lacys Reset’® in the processes of fat loss and muscle mass growth.
    Compared to a placebo and other ingredients, people taking α-Lacys Reset® enjoyed:
    a) Lost 7.24% of fat
    b) Lost 3.44% of weight
    c) Build up 3.80% of their muscle mass
  • CALCIUM CARBONATE In 2000, at the Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego, scientists presented their recent studies which showed the effects of a high-calcium diet in strengthening the fat loss process. It’s thought that the amount of the burnt fat in the cell is directly related to the amount of calcium in the cell. They also found very small rises in thermogenesis which means calcium also helps to increase your energy.
  • CHROMIUM PICOLINATE is a natural mineral which we usually get in very small amounts from meat, vegetables, and wholegrains. It plays an important role in controlling blood-sugar levels. Hence it suppresses high carb cravings, which improves the success rate of fat loss significantly. Junk food and snacks are full of high calories and empty carbs, and chromium picolinate puts down your desire to overeat.
  • CAFFEINE is a common ingredient in diet pills for its well-known abilities to decrease the feeling of hunger and increasing your metabolic rates. Thus, it makes your body transform everything you eat more efficiently, so less fat will be stored under your skin.
  • NOPAL is a natural extract from a Nopal cactus. The plant is full of different vitamins (A, B-group,C), potassium, calcium, sodium, iron and 18 amino acids. But NOPAL’s secret weapon, making it very valuable for weight loss, is its high fiber content.
  • L-CARNITINE FURMARATE – a chemical compound which our body produces from amino acids. A study in The Journal of Physiology presents evidence that L-Carnitine supplements enhance physical performance, which leads to creating lean muscle mass. It also complements weight loss and boosts your lean body mass.
  • d CAPSIMAX POWDER is a mixture of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and vitamin B3. It raises hermogenesis, which makes your body burn more fat stored in cells. It also improves the effects of other ingredients.

Is PhenQ for me?

If you want to look great again and you understand that the journey from your current state to the perfectly healthy and fit state of body and mind doesn’t consist of one element, then PhenQ is exactly what you need.

Is PhenQ safe for me?

PhenQ is made only of natural ingredients. PhenQ is produced in GMP and FDA approved facilities in the US and UK.
More than 190,000 people have already taken PhenQ and found it helpful. You can join the ever-growing list of people who have been helped by this product!

How do I take it?

Here is the best part: you just need to take one pill with your breakfast and one pill with your lunch. That’s it, just two pills per day and you’ll see the results very soon.

Any extra benefits?

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